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Carlyle Lake Golf Course


For those looking for more instruction, we believe that our Player Pathway Instruction is best way to do so!  The Player Pathway consists of 10 Levels.  Students will progress through levels at their own pace and skills. These pathways consist of putting, around the green, full swing, knowledge, and scoring achievements, all of which must be passed before the student can move to the next level.  This system is ideal because it covers all facets of the game and documents progress through achievements to the next levels!  This program has been proven by US Kids Golf to take a golfer from beginner to Elite!Type your paragraph here.

This program has after school sessions available as well as weekend options!  The after school programs are from 4-5pm and the weekend options are 10-11am and 1-2pm!

Why the GOAT Ranch Academy??

            We have the facilities necessary to improve your game, whether just starting to golf, a junior golfer, or adult golfer.  Construction of our new practice only green, you will have the space to practice your short game needs.  We are also the only golf course in the area with state-of-the-art ball data and club data through Flightscope.  Through this technology, we can address clubface and swing path issues, as well as give you ball carry distance and total distance, which can vastly lower your scores!  We also are the only course with an Indoor Putting Lab.


When it comes to learning the game of golf, nothing is quite like a PGA Junior League led by PGA Professional Don Kueper.  It’s about two things, golf and fun!  Here, we provide a supportive and safe environment for your children to improve their golf game.  Through our game-based learning techniques, kids wont even realize that they are practicing!

“The mission of the GOAT Ranch Academy is to help kids have fun learning the lifelong game of golf through game-based learning that builds lasting memories”

At the GOAT Ranch Academy we believe in game-based learning.  Students play games designed to enhance skills, all while not realizing they are practicing.  We believe in the American Development Model.  PGA Professional Don Kueper is one of about only 10% of PGA Professionals that is ADM Certified.  The ADM was adopted by the United States Olympic Committee, and is designed to help increase fun in sports and reduce burnout and overuse injury.  PGA Professional Don Kueper is also a US KIDS Certified Golf Coach, and in 2020 was named a Top 50 Instructor in the World!

Initiatives at the Ranch (Juniors)

PGA Junior League
Skill Building Sessions
Player Pathway Instruction
All Star Juniors

Initiatives at the Ranch (Adults)

Family Cup
Adult Skill Building
Player Program Instruction
Go Golf Program